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My Favorite Picture

This assignments is pretty simple. You choose a photo you’ve captured and tell everyone why you love it so much. I was trying to find a photo I took while in high school (2004) of a ferris wheel at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. That is my absolute...
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A Bark from the Past

This visual assignment calls for the student to “make a collage out of photos of your pet” and it immediately spoke to my heart. I said goodbye to my fur baby last summer and have missed her dearly since then. I was actually thinking of her a lot today...
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Design to Shock – 80’s HIV Epidemic

I decided to do the “Design to Shock” visual assignment that task the student to ” combine at least two images (you may also use text) to create a shocking message.” I wanted to tie it to the 80s and thought of the HIV epidemic. I searched for shocking...
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Summarize Coming to America

Using 10 gifs to retell a movie. I chose to retell Coming to America, which is another wonderful 80s movie. I used my memory of the movie to google search specific movie parts and find the gifs to represent those moments....
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Another One Bites the Dust

Week 2 Daily Creates I started this week late due to family visiting my home and unfortunate events with my spouse’s vehicle, but when I finally checked in I was stoked to see the inclusion of the daily create. I wanted to participate in them, but it would slip...
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