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Twitter Intro

There once was a point in time when I could pick up an electronic device and figure it out within minutes. I could sit at a computer and edit the HTML to make my MySpace page look cool and my friends would pay me (candy currency) to hook them up with cool backgrounds and background music. In this point in time, I spent two evenings watching how-to videos to figure out WordPress. I’ve googled things like “how to change your twitter username” … to find out it is called a handle.

Oh, boy…I’ve become my parents.

Instagram Intro

My name is Ivelisse (pronounced E-va-lease) and, unlike many of you, I was alive for part of the 80s. I think the theme will prove to be interesting due to the many ways in which a student can interpret the 80s and use it within their work. For me, I’ll likely choose to honor the 80s by replicating it in the media I submit. I love 80s music and movies. A lot of the movies are still considered “must-see” for the current generation.

The Goonies, Philadelphia, The Adventures of Bill and Ted, Ghostbusters, …

Billie Jean, Uptown Girl, Funkytown, Time After Time, Up Where We Belong, …

These are all great examples of storytelling that dominate 80s culture.

Soundcloud Intro

I look forward to continuing these media experiments and finding my place within this 80s theme. I hope you all enjoy the course as much as I plan to! I’ve made my youtube introduction a game, so lets see who can name the 80s movie this moment is from…

Youtube Intro

Week One Thoughts

This week was full of learning the details of WordPress. That was the most difficult portion for me. Once I got the layout of the site situated, I found the rest to sort of fall into place. The other media platforms were simply to learn. I had avoided twitter to date, leading me to the creation of an account for this class. I hadn’t heard of Soundcloud previously, so that was an interesting discovery. I found their site to be extremely user friendly and manageable. I was already familiar with Youtube and Instagram due to weekly use.

The hardest part of the week was asking someone to record me dancing in the HCC. The easiest was posting a possibly embarrassing photo of my brother on Instagram.

Altogether, I’m really looking forward to the future challenges this class will present me with.

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