“Well, hi. What are you doing out in this mess?”

This week was a bit crazy for me. I had a lot going on in a short span of time and a sick toddler, but I managed to get as much done as I could. After reviewing the tasks for this week, I sat down with my tablet and reviewed the assigned booklet on canvas. I had already skimmed most of it when I got the canvas notification that it had been posted. The information felt like I was FINALLY understanding so much about design that I had assumed or even tried to replicate. I summarized my thoughts on both in the following blog post.

I had a really busy on campus since I started an additional component of my schooling this week, so I had to make due and use graphic design on campus to complete my design blitz. That post is posted below.

Design Assignments

I went with the two recommended assignments because I normally get lost searching through the assignment bank and knew I was short on time this week. For both, I just googled “80s movies” and used the list that populated to pick two movies I felt would fit the prompts well. Those assignments are posted below and are both theme related.

After finishing those assignments I quickly went through the bank to just find two more I could get done simply and quickly since I was strapped for time.

The Daily Creates (3)

I found this week’s daily creates to be a good mix of things and not follow any one theme or topic.

I had never heard of this concept and I had some free time, so I completed the task using the website provided and replied to the tweet. Then I found myself going down a rabbit hole of internet research about the whole concept. It was really interesting.

This daily create was great! I immediately thought of this show and how I used to hide in the cabinet to watch it while my older brother did (since I wasn’t allowed to). It was clay motion, but it was still VERY violent and hostile for a child my age to watch. There was a lot of sexual innuendo and plenty of inappropriate language, too. Now that I write this all out, I’m not sure that this show would survive this generation. Most of the comments made on it are now considered grossly inappropriate and it would probably be protested or boycotted promptly.

Reading the final prompt made me super hungry. I knew what I would want to eat, but wasn’t sure I was going to be able to properly display it with the images I was finding on google image searches. I decided to take my time skimming through instagram later on in the day and came upon the image I linked in the twitter reply…

I’m visiting my parent’s home for Spring Break, so I just have to make it one more week before I can partake in all that deliciousness again! (and it certainly won’t be for the last time either)

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