Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Story Analysis

I started off the week by completing the required reading and watching the videos. I found the video how stories look on a graph hilarious. A lot of the text I read was interesting, as well, and it’s how I came about choosing to watch Wargames, which is referenced in Chapter 2 of the first recommended reading that was linked for us. I enjoyed Wargames and liked the realization my husband and I had of the immersive video game theme that exist through present time. I then completed my story analysis in the form of a blog post.

Writing Assignments

After that I started working on the 12 stars worth of writing assignments. I skimmed through the topics and decided upon two of them that involved writing poems. I used to write poems when I was younger and thought it would be interesting to see if I could juggle the words provided in the first assignment to make a good poem. It resulted in a poem I thought was sub-par, yet hilarious.

Writing Assignment – 2 Stars (theme related)

With the disappointment of that poem’s result, I decided to look up information about the painting I was basing my second poem on. After doing some background research on the painting I decided to think of a story to tell on behalf on the depressed looking woman depicted. I read that absinthe was often used to silence overwhelming thoughts and could cause hallucinations, so I tried to find a narrative in which the lady would want to be drinking it in order to not be present in her current situation. This is what came of that thought process.

Writing Assignment – 4 stars

I completed an assignment that caught my eye. I really loved the prompt and decided to write about my daughter, someone who I love but never thought I would actually feel admiration towards until recently.

Writing Assignment – 3 stars

In the last assignment, I had to pick an emotion and then name three songs that elect that emotion. I used a twitter thread to complete this assignment.

Writing Assignment – 3 stars (theme related)

Daily Creates

This one was easy to do because I really do think of the yetis at the North Pole every time someone brings up urban legends.
I actually have a reoccurring dream in which I walk up to a normal door and open it to discover it was a TARDIS in disguise.
I wanted to make something of use, so I made a zine that my daughter could flip through while she listened to her favorite colors song.

This week proved to be really interesting. I found the writing assignments simple to complete, but difficult due to how long its been since I had time to sit down and allow my creativity to run free. I feel pretty motivated to dig deep and try more challenging tasks in the next few weeks as I dust the cobwebs off my imagination.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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