Vincent and the Doctor Video Essay

For this assignment I wanted to work with an iconic Doctor Who scene I knew I would be able to find online.

This assignment started out simple. I downloaded the 4k Video Downloader and obtained the file for the video I wanted to use. I watched it and wrote a script for the video essay on the scene. I used audacity to record myself reading said script. This is when I lost my mind.

I tried using the software on my computer and it didn’t properly overlay the narration. It kept reading as if it was there, but the sound wouldn’t come up. It would play both tracks separately, but not together. I tried downloading Adobe Premiere Rush, and that file wouldn’t download. Then I downloaded OpenShot and finally felt like things were going to come together. I was able to easily drag and drop both the video clip and the audio file into the interface, testing it out to make sure they align properly. Exported the video and was done. Uploading to youtube was simple.

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