The Green Fairy

“Today in a café” (4 stars)
This assignment asks the student to view the famous painting I’ve included below and write a poem based on it. My interpretation of the poem is pretty depressing, but that’s the impression I had when I zoomed in on her face.

Degas’s painting In a café (The absinthe drinker)

My mind continues this betrayal
in which I am always left alone.
Without a place, meaning, or purpose,
and lacking a friendship of my own.

Even in his nightly presence,
I know I won’t achieve embrace.
For this fellow whom I admire
Yearns for me to be erased.

I’ve become an enduring obstacle
which he resents and loathes
This entanglement of obligations,
a stagnation of personal growth.

Yet I still him find alluring
an inescapable magnetic force.
A man who once chose me to marry,
A man now is unhappy with his choice.

I sit here dormant and invisible,
my lover preferring my absence,
As I sit here with these thoughts
Staring at my glass of absinthe.

Written by: Ivelisse Maddalena

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