Shelter in Place & Start Recording

This week’s overview was interesting. I read the Ebert essay and even read another that was hyperlinked within his that details the discovery of a chair movement within Citizen Kane that he has missed for 30 years of doing shot by shots. I echoed this essay’s idea to my husband and he laughed, telling me I would love to meet Ebert and tell him all the things I’ve noticed. I usually find things in movies that other people don’t catch. When I was a teenager, I told my father I wanted to work in recording continuity. Basically, I wanted to be the person who ensures all the shots reflect well upon each other and don’t miss out on details that could distract the audience from the story being told. One detail I hate the most is hair. In one shot it’s over her left shoulder, then her right, then suddenly its behind her shoulders. Another is the movement of objects in a room, like the chair in Citizen Kane. Well, not exactly. I hate when a piece of furniture just disappears or changes position, whereas I’ve never seen one actually being removed from a scene to make way for the camera.

Anyway, I found the videos and readings really interesting because I’m usually easily distracted by the details of the background. The conversations happening between the extras or even the placement of props and what they contribute to a scene. Analyzing the emotion was cool, too. I’m currently obsessed with Every Frame a Painting, which I keep putting on for entertainment.

Daily Creates

Assignments (10 stars)

I thought this was a good introduction to video editing, as it pushed me to experience downloading the need video from youtube, trimming out the excess, and adding my own narration to it. It was frustrating at times, but now I have a newfound confidence in tackling the assignments for the week.

3 stars

This was actually a really fun experience and nice to do while I sat on the sofa on an app allowing my daughter to watch a movie.

4 stars

This was cake. I record my workouts all the time to make sure I’m doing the movements correctly and to act as accountability on my fitness Instagram page.

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