No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Daily Creates

When I saw this prompt I remember the part of SNL when this happened and wanted to include the gif of it. I googles German phrases and found their version of “It’s all Greek to me!”
Just whipped out the crayons and started drawing. Ended up with a warning of volcanoes and their dangers…?
For this daily create, I searched for gif but wasn’t very satisfied with those. I finally found one on a google search that I thought I like. I was tempted to draw something, but I just wasn’t feeling well since I have a stomach virus and chose the easier route.

And so we begin…

I started this week by skimming through the visual assignments bank and saving a few of them that I could work on as time became available. I took my camera to school on Monday and Tuesday but honestly just couldn’t find the time to complete the 20 minute photo blitz. Wednesday I decided to just get started on something because I felt like I was falling behind. I posted the photo reflection blog post as a swift kick in my rear to get things going.

Once I got that posted, I spent some time commenting on other pages and looking at the projects other people had completed so far. I also spent time looking through the example images and completed the DS Photography post.

Visual Assignments (12 stars)

4 stars – theme related
4 stars – theme related
3 stars
1.5 stars

With the completion of my visual assignments, I continued browsing the other blogs and posting comments or liking different insta posts and tweets.

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