My friend, don’t be a jerk.

This week was just… weird. Anyway, my daughter has hand foot mouth and its been terrible, so I completely forgot the TDCs until Thursday. Thankfully that left me with enough time to complete the two required.

Daily Creates (2)

For this one, I’m not sure why I immediately thought of a chalk board when I read the prompt. I started to draw the thing I was thinking about and quickly realized I’d be there for 10 minutes drawing circles, so I left it incomplete. I also included a sketch of the tool teachers would use to draw lines on the chalk board. It was definitely a trip to the past for me.

The second one was pretty funny. My daughter was running around in on of her costumes so I asked her to stop and smile for a picture. I posted that photo as the response to the prompt. Yes, I technically DID make that unicorn lol

The Voices of Generation X

The main working point for this week was the completion of the radio show, which I summarized in the post below. That was a fun and interesting learning experience. I hope you all enjoy it. I’ve included it at the bottom of this post. I hope you all had fun with your projects!

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