My Favorite Picture

This assignments is pretty simple. You choose a photo you’ve captured and tell everyone why you love it so much.

I was trying to find a photo I took while in high school (2004) of a ferris wheel at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. That is my absolute favorite image I’ve captured. Unfortunately, I was unable to find it. Instead, I’m sharing a photo of my daughter that I took on her first birthday.

It’s really hard for me to take photos of her since she is a runner, but during this occasion I had her trapped in a swing. In this moment of the clicking of the camera to achieve this image, it seems everything lined up and the photography gods blessed me with a great photo that I love to look at. The way the setting sun shines on her head is perfect. It seems to create this glowing halo that continues to her eyes and makes them look clear. Her slightly raised eyebrow makes her look thoughtful about what I’m doing with my camera, while she remains content with her momma pushing the swing. Even the giraffe seems to be smiling. Also, on what was a really busy park day, I managed to capture her alone, with no other subjects in the frame. Something that rarely occurs during our visits to the park. The glint of her new bottom teeth is precious, as she knocked one out that very weekend leaving this as the last photo we have of her showing her perfect bottom teeth. All newer photos show a playful gap on the bottom right of her gums.

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