Letting my Grade Slip

I have been doing my best to keep up in school with all the changes happening, but I’ve allowed myself to fall behind in this class due to my grade in others. That isn’t a good solution and I’ve decided to spend as much time as possible changing that and catching up. Here’s to that.

Daily Creates

I really enjoyed this one. I actually opened it up for my daughter to play with for a bit.

You have to open this one to actually see the project. The assignment was to make public art and we really couldn’t get out due to the current situation, so we made sidewalk art. She loved it and kept saying “look mamma, it’s me.”

This week’s assignment

Unfortunately, I was only able to listen to one of the radio shows and it made me sad I missed the others. I’m determined to figure out how to get access to the other ones. Maybe I’ll just search the ds106 hashtag in soundcloud…

I wasn’t able to revisit my projects due to time constraints and lack of the equipment I would have needed because I can’t access the software at the HCC now. If I wanted to revamp the projects I’ve done, I’d use something like photoshop to better illustrate the movie quote assignment. I’d use the sound booth to better record a clear vocal track for a commercial instead of the horrible background noise in my current commercial. As much as I’d love to revamp these, I just couldn’t really do much with what I have now to properly recreate these assignments, making them better.

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