I wanna be sedated

This week proved to be rather tough for me. Midterms were a true challenge. With this being my best graded class, I unfortunately had to sacrifice some of the time I would have normally spent on these assignments to study for my two science courses. I’m finding it really hard to study for my biology exams since the professor covers so much in one test when compared to other professors that teach the course. With that being said, I did find time to get some stuff done, so I figured posting a summary for partial credit would be better than no credit at all.

Daily Creates

I had fun with these three since they were all pretty cool to do. I didn’t feel too constricted by the prompt and they were rather simple to complete. I’m particularly fond of the storm one, since I love that gif.


Unfortunately, this is the area that lacked the attention is deserved. I summarized my processes in the post themselves. I wish I would have had more time to commit to this, but I just couldn’t do it.

This one pertains to an actual Audio assignment I was able to complete.
This promo for our radio show.
The week one progress for the radio show.

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