Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window!

This week feels like a blur with all the wild things happening. I visited my parents during Spring Break and interviewed my mother to learn about her experience during the 1980s. That was fun. I spent the end of Spring Break working on the radio show. This involved getting familiar with the program I was going to use for the project – Adobe Audition. Overall, I found the software very easy to use and was thankful for the free 7 day trial that would last the perfect amount of time to use through the project’s due date. After I finish the tutorials, I worked on beginning to developed a script to kind of follow as a way to know where within the show we needed to add certain answers. I took the interview clips and started snipping them to fit the script we had approved. I had fun making an intro to the show with some cool music. I found it easier to record my voice with background music on Audacity and then exporting the .mp3 file and inserting it where I needed it in Audition. That’s very much like me, doing things the hard or longer way when there is likely an easier way to do the same thing.

During this week I worked on compiling the audio clips in Audition and trying to identify what else we needed to complete the radio show. Bumpers were added, commercials were inserted and the missing items were identified. We’ve worked on completing those and inserting the last of the audio clips and will be able to post the complete show tonight.

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