Another One Bites the Dust

Week 2 Daily Creates

I started this week late due to family visiting my home and unfortunate events with my spouse’s vehicle, but when I finally checked in I was stoked to see the inclusion of the daily create. I wanted to participate in them, but it would slip my mind. Now that it is a requirement, I’ll be forced to remember to do them with an alarm on my phone. Here are the four I completed this week followed by the thinking process for each one.

For Tuesday’s submission, I didn’t even have to think a minute before I knew exactly what I wanted to use. I constantly find myself thinking of this moment in the Princess Bride when people say things and I’m pretty sure they’re full of it…so I had to use it for this daily create.

Wednesday’s prompt was simple. I opened the link and used my current location, which was in Jepson waiting for class to start. When class was done, I went outside and snapped a photo of the building with my phone. I then used the Layout app to put them into the same image and posted it.

On Thursday I had time to sit down between homework assignments and spotted my daughter’s colored pencils. I took about ten minutes sketching my map. I didn’t focus on shopping because it doesn’t happen often enough, and the stores aren’t close to each other like in the map used for the demo. I chose to map out my daily travels during the school week. Ironically (if I even used that term correctly), I forgot to add the day care drop off/pick up until I was about to post the map without it on there – even though I was using her pencils.

For Friday’s daily create, I couldn’t figure out a simple way to make her face look painted, so I reverted to the classic hole in the face photos available online and turned my daughter into the form she was meant to be in at this age.

Assignment Bank

After posting Tuesday’s tweet (and telling my husband how proud I was of it), I started skimming the Assignment Bank. I found some of them boring, some quite intriguing and some downright tempting to complete. Overall, I felt intimidated by most of the ones I liked due to my level of knowledge with the media platforms they prescribed. My husband has a small 3D printer meant for creating tabletop game miniatures, so I’ll be able to ask him for help if I want to attempt those.

I decided to follow the recommendation to watch a movie from the 1980s and base an assignment off of it. I watched the original version of “The Bourne Identity” which was released in two two-hour installments on ABC as a television film in May 1988. It was much more consistent with the original novel which I found to be refreshing.

The first assignment I completed I posted on twitter on Thursday. It was “Who Said What” from the Visual Assignments section. In this task you are told to pick an image of a famous spy and combine it with a quote from a different spy, additionally signing the quote by a third spy. I choose the image of Richard Chamberlain version of Jason Bourne, quote from “Eye of the Needle” (another ‘80s spy film), and authored it by James Bond which had multiple movies released in the 80s. I found the image and quote in a google search. I completed the image in what I felt was the easiest way for me. I opened power point, inserted the photo, pasted the quote on it, made the font look acceptable, and then saved the image through there. Posted it to twitter and that’s that.

For the second assignment, I learned a bit more about twitter! I had to google how to do it, but I completed the assignment by creating t thread on twitter! Sorry for all the !!!!s… this is exciting stuff, okay? This “Guess the Story” task, from the Web Assignments bank, called for the use of gifs to tell a myth, folklore, or legend. I decided to complete it but change the directions to fit the 1980s theme by describing an 80s movie with gifs. I started by telling myself to create a limit first and decided that would be 25 gifs. I completed the story in 23. I could’ve done it in fewer, but I really wanted to include specific gifs I enjoy. For those seeking the answer – it was based on The Goonies.

The third task I chose was one of the Design Assignments called Super Tattoo. In this assignment I was tasked to design a tattoo that would represent my superpower or explain what I would do as a superhero. I chose an image I’ve had for a while of Fawkes the phoenix from Harry Potter. He defends people and has the ability of rebirth. I felt like it parallels my service in the Army and my rebirth into the civilian world after retirement.

Weekly Wrap-up

I spent two days during the first week customizing my blog, so I didn’t really commit much time to that this week. I did spend time troubleshooting an issue with the code that was preventing me from enabling comments to the blog posts. It was refreshing to finally resolve that issue and made me feel like I accomplished SOMETHING productive on that front. On Thursday I went on a twitter following spree. I added everyone I could identify with the #ds106 hashtag. I started “hearting” some posts and commented here and there. I also started visiting other blogs and checking out the assignments people were sharing. I sprinkled some thoughts and went about my business. There were still quite a few that didn’t have comments enabled so I couldn’t spread the love as much as I had planned.

I’m looking forward to what next week holds!

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