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She takes me away to that special place.

For one of my journal prompts, I was instructed to take a moment to watch someone I’m grateful for and focus on them for 10 minutes. Nothing else. No eating or drinking. No television on. Nothing but that individual. If possible, I wasn’t supposed to interact with them, instead...
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The Green Fairy

“Today in a café” (4 stars)This assignment asks the student to view the famous painting I’ve included below and write a poem based on it. My interpretation of the poem is pretty depressing, but that’s the impression I had when I zoomed in on her face. My mind continues...
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The words of 1988 and a terrible poet.

“Never Fear – It’s The Words Of The Year” (two stars)This assignment involved going to the website Merriam-Webster and entering a year of your choice. Doing so produces a list of words that were first recorded or started being used during that year. “Your challenge: Take the list from...
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