Graphic Design on Campus

I’ve had a crazy schedule this week, so I found all of my examples of graphic design on campus in between classes.

This first image is of an advertisement page within the theater department’s magazine, showcasing their plans for the school year. I thought their layout of the shows were very simple and gave a good example of dominance of the image within the overall design. In every example of an upcoming show, the photo of the actors in a pose overtook the second page by almost half of it. It drew your attention to the image initially and gained your interest in it, making you interested in reading the accompanying text.

The second image is of a posted advertisement along Campus Walk. It is attempting to garner participation in the Internship/Job Fair. My interpretation of this sign is that it is meant to be taken in jest. Looking at it from my perspective, I think its a poor attempt at using Metaphors/Symbols. The posting was up during the Valentine’s day holiday, so the hearts made it seem like it was speaking to a different crowd/event. Once it caught my attention, then I just felt annoyed that such an important event would be advertised in such a childish way. Then again, I’m the thirty year old that back in college and has a better understanding at what these events have to offer. Then I saw one that they made with Peppa Pig… maybe I just don’t get it.

The third is an example of form/function/message. It’s a part of a bulletin board displaying alumni from the Environmental Science department, with pictures of them and their business cards. It’s purpose being to show current students that the alumnus have went on to be successful within their fields. The typography forming the planet Earth serves to pay a tribute to the main goal of most students in the field – to protect the planet. This design is a good way to incorporate the fields of study/interests in the major while visually portraying the planet which all of these fields contribute to.

I really enjoy the use of color within this cafe’s sign. At quick glance, it seems as if its just a simple design of color, but when you take a moment to focus on it it becomes apparent that it isn’t that simple. There is a unity brought by the use in differing tones of purple that are so slight that you only notice upon full inspection.

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