Designing a Decision

I chuckled when I noticed the kids book listed on this week’s weekly assignment post. That’s a wonderful book and I think it’s a great book for kids to have because it makes them aware of all the design aspects in the things around them. There are fliers, posters, billboards, store signage, ads, and countless more things we interact with everyday that we don’t even consider as what they truly are. These are things that someone has put A LOT of thought into in order to not just grab your attention, but to serve a purpose once it has your attention. To sell you something, convince you of an opinion, inform you of a fact, pick up your spirits, make you feel bad…

The fact of the matter is, graphic design plays a major role in the designs we make on a daily basis. I found the booklet really interesting. I felt more educated on the aspects of design and realized just how complex it all really is. Chip Kidd’s children’s book is a great primer for those children who have a spirit towards creativity. It’s a good resource for us adults, too, who have a hard time grasping all the different elements of graphic design.

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